Monday, 13 April 2015

Learning to Walk

Erin-Rose is growing up far too quickly and at 8 months is trying to walk using her walker and I thought this picture was perfect for the weekly challenge on UKs - part of the criteria was to scrapbook about new beginnings and I am sure that her walking is the start of a new chapter in her short life :)

If you scan the QR code (below) there is a very short video of her walking which I am hoping in years to come she will enjoy looking back at.


  1. Love all of the ink splodges & circles. Great idea to incorporate a little video footage on the LO for her to look back on in years to come! Technology eh!

  2. aww thats super Susi and lovely layout, sure she will enjoy the video, how precious is that.

  3. Fantastic post Susi, I love the layout, of course, and the video looks brilliant. She will adore that so much!

    I like those knotted buttons, is that normal embroidery floss? It looks almost wool like? xxx

    1. Jen's it's thick baker's twine from Stampin Up :) Thank you for your lovely comments.

  4. Such a beautiful girl and a gorgeous layout to show her off.